January 7th, 2005


Ÿ         Meeting called to order


Ÿ         Roll called -- Quorum announced


Ÿ         Minutes from last CPB meeting read and accepted


Ÿ         Finance report read and accepted


Ÿ         Old Business-- Awards for Fall Season


Ÿ         New Business


1.  North Texas Shootout has been sanctioned.  Dates for Shootout are March 11,12,13


2.  Before walking out on a match check with the establishment if an arrangement can be  

      Made. If not,  please call a Board member.


3.  Several new proposed amendments


     13k-Dissolution of the MDA

      26-  Definition of a general meeting

      18E-One player, one team

      16E-Home pub commitment


4. Announced roster turn in and pick up info, match formats, and dues.


Ÿ         No other Business


Ÿ         Meeting Adjourned